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The Psychology of Buyers and How to Use it for Business Success this Holiday

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The Holiday season is here, the busiest season of the year. Buyers everywhere get into a frenzy shopping mood looking for last-minute gifts, electronics, clothing, Christmas decorations and more. This being the busiest time of the year, businesses tend to make more sales at this time. At the same time business are competing to outdo their competitors in terms of offers and services that is why applying the right marketing strategy will get you more sales and help your business stay ahead of your competitors. But before all this, it is important to understand the psychology of buyers especially during the holiday season.

Here is what is in the buyer’s mind during the holiday season and how to use this to make your business successful.

1. What gift to get their loved ones?

December is a holiday month that people focus on offering gifts to loved ones. Shoppers this month are not only doing shopping for themselves but for their family and friends both young and old. Shoppers are always thinking of the best gift ideas and they have to do some online research before deciding on what to get.

As a business, let’s say selling at a store or online you need to put yourself in the buyer’s shoes, and this will help guide you on what to do. One thing is making it easier for the buyer to find gifts when searching online, another thing is to make sure you are promoting products that are popular gifts or that are trending for that season, also offering the gifts in age categories will help the shopper select the gift categories for the persons they are buying for. So how do you implement this ideas?

  • No shopper wants a headache when shopping this season especially since some do it in the last minute. They want an easy way out so making your website easy to find products is an amazing idea. You can add a gift category then add age categories and the upload the selected products based on your research on popular gifts and trends.
  • If your store is an in-store, ensure you have enough inventory products and a gift section. Based on what customers buy in the previous months, you will know what to stock more.
  • Use social media to market your products. People are nowadays shopping on Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms. Using social media to share your gift products is a good idea to attract customers who then will share to other users. Making your posts catchy is important as other competitors are doing the same. This is the time to hire a social media agency experienced in marketing products to drive sales for you.

2. Finding discounts and cheaper deals

In the months of November and December offers are everywhere. Some business actually starts offering discounts and deals as early as August and starts gaining customers so by the Thanksgiving and Black Friday week most are making great sales. Due to this culture, customers are always looking for the best deals so they can make purchases. According to PwC, Holiday Outlook 2016, 83% of consumers said that low prices motivate them to buy and 65% of consumers said that deals and promotions motivate to purchase during the holiday season. So you can see that everyone expects to buy at a good price which also motivates them to spend more.

As a business, you cannot ignore this opportunity. You have to offer different kinds of deals and discounts to motivate your buyers. You don’t have to offer discounts on all items in the store but a few selected ones. The ones that people buy during this holiday. You can always do some research and learn which one. When giving these discounts show your customers let’s say on your website or on social media what percentage they are saving on these products.

Another idea is to create deals with an agency, for example giving a large discount on the first 100 buyers, offering a product for a few days, or running a contest on social media. This creates an urgency feeling on buyers that the offer is limited and thus they need to buy immediately. This will only do good as it will attract more buyers to purchase the limited offer product. Who knows where this might lead to, your business might get discovered by a larger audience increasing sales of other products too.

3. A will to spend

During the holiday season, most people are willing to spend. Some have plans for a vacation, others will spend on gifts for their loved ones, others on decorations, parties. It a season where people like to treat themselves out and have fun before ushering a new year. Above all most people have been saving for the

season and some spend more since the season also comes with lots of discounts and deals.
Speaking of spending, your online site is likely to get a lot of traffic which is why you should ensure your site can handle this as these shoppers like fast services and are impatient on a site that is not responsive. Ensure your site is also Mobile and desktop responsive as buyers are likely to use both smartphones and desktops to make purchases. Invest inan IT or media agency to have your site ready.

Another thing, it is time to stock your store slightly more than you do. Obviously do not overdo it but track your sales to know what you need more.
Lastly, create a holiday mood to attract customers. Decorate your store or post decorated products on social media. The mood creates the need to shop by customer.

4. Luxurious choices for Holiday

It is the December Holiday season and people are looking forward to creating adventurers time with their family and friends. Others are planning a vacation to a nice place and so it is normal for people to spend some bucks on some luxury items for the occasion. Be it gifts, fancy clothes, hotel reservations or tours to sightseeing.
Always have nice gifts both at low prices and others at high prices. If you sell clothes have some designer clothes that match the season. This is also a good opportunity for travel agencies, hotels, transport industries and the entertainment industry to make sales through tickets and reservations.

5. Fast shipping

Many online shoppers are concerned about shipping. Remember the holiday season is not very long and some shoppers are doing their last-minute gift-buying and preparation for Christmas. Therefore, a customer buying online will have to consider the time it will take them to receive the products and if it will work with their plan. If they don’t find a good deal they will try and find an in-store item to match the item they wanted.

If you have an online store always have the shipping process made easier and faster. If possible only have same-day shipping or two-day shipping at most. Another motivational method you can use is offer free shipping for when shoppers shop for a certain amount or have the fee subsidized to a favorable fee.

6. Fast shopping

At this time of the year, shoppers get busy with preparations for their events, parties, vacations. Therefore, if shopping online shoppers are not patient to spend a lot of time searching. They will do a little search and make a choice from the option they see first. They are obviously looking for better deals but that doesn’t mean they will spend all time searching or scrolling through a site that is not clear or disorganized.

As a business apply measures to make customers want to stay and shop on your site. Use beautiful and clear themes, organize your pages, and make check out an easy process.
Secondly, put your deals and discounts in your homepage where users first visit or create popups of the discounts on the homepage. Customers might like the deal and end up making their choice depending on their time limitations. Also ensure you site is well organized and easy to navigate.
Another way is to create catchy social media posts. Use quality photos of your products, add the right filters or create attractive graphics which will prompt customers to click on first sight.
Lastly for physical shops, decorate your store and create the mood for the holiday with posters on your offers and discounts.

7. Memorable holiday shopping experiences

Don’t forget that customers value a memorable shopping experience which is your number one trick to getting loyal customers even after the holiday season. So how do you create a memorable experience for your customers?

First, engage your customers in a fun and exciting way when promoting products. Create fun contests or games for them to play to win a gift or get an item at an offer.
Ensure you customer service is great, let customers feel that your service is the best compared to other stores. Ensure that you also answer your customer’s concerns on social media platforms in a timely manner.
Let some employees entertain the customers at the stores or wear holiday suits to motivate your customers. Thank your customers and have some featured on your social media pages maybe after winning a gift. In general, ensure an amazing service at all times to your customer and be assured they will keep coming back.


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Anthony is a guest author on the OGS team and a regular contributor to topics regarding Technology, Marketing, Social Media, and more. You can find all of Anthony's articles here on our blog.

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About Anthony

Anthony is a guest author on the OGS team and a regular contributor to topics regarding Technology, Marketing, Social Media, and more. You can find all of Anthony's articles here on our blog.


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