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Using Instagram and Snapchat Stories to Grow Business in Social Media

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If you don’t exist on social media do you really have an existence? This question will definitely put some of you in an awe. But, it’s not something to take in a wrong way. People have been using social media platforms to create their own identity and establish their business. Instagram and Snapchat stories are a big part of it. The battle between which platform is better among its users to have been going on for a long time. But none of them are really slacking off. It just depends on personal preferences and which you want to show your audiences. But while doing business through which platform you want to highlight your Ideas and products have to be very precise and well planned. Clients are often in a daze thinking which social media to adapt to their current marketing plan. As experts, we need to think about the fact that whether one of them actually work for our clients. From audience interest to managing the accounts, everything needs to get taken care of. To put it very simply we need to think that which works for them best

Why We Are Using Snapchat and Instagram Stories

Both of this are quick ways to convey your message to your audiences. A very creative and exciting way to use the story feature to show your viewers a bit more behind the scenes and to do product announcements including product promotions and takeovers.

What Should You Use?

This decision truly depends on your business type and what kind of people you want to reach. For small brands, it is more likely to use Instagram because story posts can be edited and you can even tag people in your stories. Moreover, you can use people with a fan base to promote your product making them posting the product link on their account. Snapchat is also great if your brand or business is larger. Sometimes none of this options are right. Clients who have social pages with very low engagements or the ones having a bit more aged (40-60) we would advise against using Snapchat or Instagram. Because they are middle-aged, married and have families so they really don’t have any time to spend on social media. So before using any of these features you need to have a solid plan that can work with your existing marketing campaign.

How Story became such a Big Deal

The feature named story was first introduced to us through Snapchat. It is basically a feature that allows its users to post something temporarily. Stories can be seen for 24 hours only. Seeing this feature getting a large response the copycats stepped forward. Nowadays every social media has its own version of the story. It is considered to be a more realistic medium to do business.

1. Use the Poll Feature
Last year Instagram launched a feature that enables its users to take interactive polls in their stories. It is like you are going to ask a question (regarding anything) and then you are going to give them two options. Usually, the option with more percentage is considered to be popular among users. This help business personality to understand how much response they are going to get if they launch a product.

2. Create Behind the Scenes Contents
One of the reasons for stories being so popular is nothing but the taste of its authenticity. Brands often give a sneak peek of their products or new launch details through stories. In this way, the audience gets very interested in tasting the actual product. So recording you’re behind the scenes footage may prove to be very fruitful in doing business. Your buyers will be able to feel the journey you have been through. It’s more like they are living with you at that moment.

3. Use Links in Your Stories to Increase Web Traffic
​When it comes to doing business in social media you will only be benefited if you are able to engage a lot of people in your products. The only way to do so is to use links to your stories. Clicking on those links will enable your viewers to take a look at your product and maybe with some nice reviews they will be enthusiastic to buy them.

4. Tell an Actual Story through Stories
Telling an actual story through the story feature is really fun. Sometimes brands use this to tell their audience the idea behind their products and why they think it is going to satisfy their customers. Creators can share part of their emotions with their buyers which also helps to boost their sell. Keeping people engaged in your product is the key to success. Also, you can use this feature to update your consumers about the product. Hope this article makes you compatible enough to start your own business marketing
through stories.

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About the author

Joyeta is an experienced online marketing manager for several startup brands. In addition to helping companies grow, Joyeta helps individuals succeed through her Youtube channel where she publishes work to 14,000 subscribers.

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About Joyeta

Joyeta is an experienced online marketing manager for several startup brands. In addition to helping companies grow, Joyeta helps individuals succeed through her Youtube channel where she publishes work to 14,000 subscribers.


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