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Why You Really Need Artificial Intelligence in Marketing

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This year, we have seen many brands use Artificial intelligence  to build an instant connection with customers all over the world.  Chatbots are solving their issues with customer interaction.

What is an automated chatbot? How can it help you automate your customer service and save you thousands and thousands of dollars a year? In this video, we’re gonna dive right into the basics of what an automated chatbot is. How does it work? What platforms can you use and, how it can affect your business’s bottom line?

So, let’s dive right into it. An automated bot is kind of a new concept. I mean as far as the mainstream business community, this is something that’s potentially gonna keep changing people’s businesses. It could be the difference between bringing your business from the red to the black. People and businesses spend hundreds of thousands of dollars a year if not more on customer service.

From people answering phones to replying to emails, or if you’re doing a Twitter customer service, somebody has to tweet and respond to all those messages. Somebody has to be there for your customers and for your clients. But when you could have an artificial intelligence robot do it all for you, there’s no payroll; there’s no health Insurance; there’s no taxes that you have to pay; there’s no employee retreats; there’s no buying them a beer at supper or a drink one night to build that relationship. Because it’s a robot it doesn’t need any of that. It works for you. It is an employee that doesn’t need sleep. It doesn’t need food. It doesn’t need pay, and this is this is one of the coolest things that online growth systems is doing!

Our company is taking our clients’ businesses to the next level. We say, “hey you know what, not only can we create something for you that’s gonna build your business, get you more customers and get you more sales, but it’s gonna actually increase your net worth and increase your bottom line by saving you thousands of dollars.

Now there’s two ends of the spectrum to make money in a business or to increase your margins in a business. That’s either to increase profits and sales or to decrease costs. The great thing about an automated chat bot is it does both. It increases your sales, because it can act as a robot sales funnel, a robot sales representative. Automated chatbots can be used on almost every platform right now from Facebook Messenger to Instagram messenger to even a website. It can have a little chat box in the corner that pops up, and you can and your customers can start talking to it.

The most exciting part is you can start using it and integrating it with voice commands. Whether it’s Google, Siri, Cortana, Amazon or Alexa you can do all you can use that robot integrate it with all these platforms. So you only pay once to build it, and then it’s such a small monthly maintenance feed to keep the robot updated or do some hosting blah blah technical terms, but this robot might cost you five hundred dollars a month. Right! Even if it’s a complex, in-depth robot with a bunch of infrastructure and lots of answers. It’s artificial intelligence can analyze the questions that your customers are asking, and you can put it on all these platforms. That way instead of five hundred dollars a month or so, a $500 a month cost for your robot before might have been a hundred-thousand-dollar annual salary for a customer service representative.

Now obviously there’s ups and downs – you know robots taking our jobs.
But you know somebody has to build those robots. Somebody has to maintain those robots. Somebody has to build the servers. Obviously technology is like a horse and a buggy. Would you still be using a horse and a buggy if you knew the car industry took away the jobs from the horse breeders? There’s plenty of jobs for the car manufacturers. So that’s kind of what the robot industry and the artificial intelligence industry is doing now for customer service. Customer service is gonna be a diminishing industry in the future. The people in that job market are gonna have to start looking for new jobs in new industries of servicing these artificial intelligences. Maintaining these robots and automated chatbots will be worth it. So, whether using it for voice to text, Siri, Alexa or Facebook messenger, this is something that could potentially save your business thousands and thousands and thousands of dollars, because you’re not paying somebody to sit there on a computer or on a phone line answering phone calls every day not knowing they have to research where the things are, so it’s saving you time.

A robot that’s pre-programmed to know all the answers instantly replies, so there’s no wait time. If you have a customer service team of two people, and you have thousands of people calling a day, the people on the phone are gonna say, “sorry there’s a wait time of 10,000 hours before your call will be the next in line.” But if it’s a robot it’s not limited to a one-on-one transaction interaction. It can have multiple copies of itself. So, if you have a thousand people messaging your robot, guess what? Your robot can answer all thousand people at the same time. There’s no wait time for your customers. There is no hesitation for them to look up answers, because it knows all the answers, and it can find its data instantly and reply. So not only are you going to save money, it’s going to build your business and even be a sales advocate for you.

So, you can use it as a part of your strategy in social media marketing. So a customer messages your automated chat bot using Facebook. They message your automated chat bot on Facebook they say,

“Hey dentist LLC I tried to schedule my appointment yesterday and for some reason I didn’t realize it was Labor Day. You guys were closed blah blah blah… what do I do to reschedule my appointment?” Your automated chat bot boom will instantly answer it says,
“hi so-and-so we’re sorry that you’re having trouble rescheduling your appointment. We’re sorry that I labored an interfered with your schedule, and we’d like to rectify that what days will you be available…” Your customer responds,
“Well Monday and Friday both work for me this week” Your automated chat bot can say,
“That’s great! Monday we’re already packed, but Friday we have available spots at 2pm and 5pm central time.” and then your customer says,
“That’s awesome! 3pm works for me “ and then your chatbot can respond and offer a reminder, so it could say,
“ Good morning! This is an automated email from dentist LLC chatbot that is reminding you about your dentist appointment you have at 3 p.m. today. The address is in this link”

A chatbot can also ask how an appointment was. It can build your customer reports and builds your reputation. The chatbot could say,
“ I’m glad to hear that you had a good time at your appointment. Can we use your your email you gave us for future appointment reminders, because you should have a dentist’s appointment every six months”
Now instead of your customer forgetting to make an appointment in six months or you sending out a postcard that says it’s time for your appointment renewal, everybody’s gets the dentist reminders in their email.

So now you’re getting more sales; you’re building your business; you’re increasing your bottom line’ you’re increasing your profit with a sales representative. Now that was just a dentist’s example, if you’re an online store or something that’s a digital company the possibilities are endless. It can actually show a customer how to go through the checkout process without ever leaving the text box. It can make a payment, and it can do shipping confirmation. So that’s what animated chatbot is! I hope I answered all your questions. Thanks for reading and see more by clicking the link below!


About the author

Anthony is a guest author on the OGS team and a regular contributor to topics regarding Technology, Marketing, Social Media, and more. You can find all of Anthony's articles here on our blog.

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About Anthony

Anthony is a guest author on the OGS team and a regular contributor to topics regarding Technology, Marketing, Social Media, and more. You can find all of Anthony's articles here on our blog.


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